Indicators of Child Care Quality


1. Caregivers/teachers are well-trained, well-compensated, warm, caring and enjoy their work.

2. Caregivers/teachers understand how children grow and learn, and they receive regular training to improve their skills.

3. Caregivers/teachers know how to plan activities and experiences to support learning at each age.

4. Caregivers/teachers listen carefully to children, answer their questions and respect their feelings.

5. Children feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.

6. Children are read to daily.

7. Children have lots of opportunities to choose their own play activities.

8. Children are happy and actively explore using all of their senses.

9. Parents are welcome to visit and have opportunities to participate often.

10. Parents feel that they are important partners in their children’s early learning.

11. Children with special needs receive the resources and support they deserve.

To report concerns at child care:

If you feel that your licensed provider is not meeting the state requirements or guidelines set for child care, you may contact the state licensing office at 920.448.5312.

If your provider is certified, call your local certifier at the number below:

Sheboygan County: Tracy Wilke 920.208.5937
Manitowoc County: Stacey Dondlinger 920.683.2805
Fond du Lac County: Gena Miller 920.929.3247

YoungStar is Wisconsin’s Child Care Quality Rating & Improvement System that gives parents and child care providers the tools and information they need to raise happy, healthy children. Your local Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) office, a member of Supporting Families Together Association (SFTA), also acts as your local YoungStar office, guiding parents and child care providers through YoungStar.

Through YoungStar, regulated Wisconsin child care providers are regularly evaluated and rated on a 5 Star scale with a 5 Star meeting the highest level of quality standards. YoungStar raises the bar for Wisconsin child care providers by supporting and incentivizing them to develop the quality of their child care program, increasing quality care available to Wisconsin children and families. Programs can earn up to a 5 Star based on the points they earn across four key categories:

  • The Provider’s Education & Training
  • The Learning Environment & Curriculum
  • The Program’s Professional & Business Practices
  • The Children’s Health & Well-Being

Looking for quality child care options for your child? Before you choose, YoungStar.

Making healthy child care choices can set the stage for lifelong success. YoungStar is here to help.

Call Family Connections at (920) 457-1999 or (800) 322-2046.

Not in our agency service delivery area? Visit the online YoungStar office map or call (888) 713.KIDS (5437) to find your local YoungStar office. Parents can find more information about YoungStar online by clicking the “For Parents” tab.

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