Supporting Families Together Association (SFTA)

Supporting Families Together Association is a Wisconsin-based association of regional and local organizations that work on behalf of children families, and communities. They aim for a Wisconsin where all children have the opportunity to reach their highest potential and where all adults understand their role and responsibilities to children. For more information on SFTA go to their website at:


Youngstar and You – Myth Busting!

1. Does Youngstar cost anything to participate?
Answer: NO! It is 100% free to participate in Youngstar. In fact, you get up to 8 hours of free consultation on-site and a microgrant ($250 for certified family providers, $500 for licensed family providers, and $1000 for group providers) to spend on making quality improvements in your program!

2. What do I have to do?
Answer: The only requirements to take advantage of the microgrant and consultation is that you complete a self-assessment and make an action plan with goals you want to achieve. We help you every step of the way! Your consultant will then give you a rating that consists of stars and points, based on an evaluation criteria (all of which is optional!) which she will help you understand beforehand and provide resources to help you be as successful as you want to be.

3. What would a consultant do in my program?
Answer: That’s up to you! We can help you with business practices like setting up a budget, or work on curriculum and learning environment. We can help you incorporate more physical activity or literacy into your program. We can help connect you with resources and tools including trainings, continuing education and credit for prior learning. We can do anything you want to do, and we’ll meet with you whenever it’s convenient for you.

4. I heard I will have to get rid of my toys, is that true?
Answer: NO! Although if you want to purchase newer materials for your program, we can order them with your microgrant.

5. Do I have to go back to school to participate in Youngstar?
Answer: NO! While your education level determines in part what star rating you will receive, it is not at all mandatory that you continue your professional education. However, if you are interested in doing so, we can help you do so for very little out of pocket costs.

6. I don’t have any Shares families, why should I participate in a Youngstar technical rating?
Answer: Because you want to be the best childcare provider you can be for your kids, and we have many resources and supports to help you do just that! Childcare is a tough job – we can help you be more effective, more satisfied, and more rewarded in your career!

7. Where can I find more information about Youngstar?
Answer: Family Connections is always happy to answer questions by phone (920) 457-1999, email (, or in person at 2508 S. 8th St in Sheboygan. Lots of helpful information can also be found at
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Child and Adult Care Food Programs

Serving Sheboygan, Manitowoc, or Fond du Lac Counties…

Please contact WECA (1.800.783.9322) or Horizons Unlimited, Inc. (1.800.261.9176) if you would like to be a part of a Child and Adult Food Program, a federal program that helps assure that children and adults in child care settings receive nutritious meals and snacks.